Every now and then we have something holding us back in life. The best thing to do is identify what the issue actually is and fix it so you can reach your full potential. In the beginning stages of a business you will run into several different obstacles that you will have to over come to be the best possible you, you can be. 

1. Money: Ahhhh.... money the root of all evil. Unfortunately it is also totally necessary to accomplish your dreams. When I first started my photography business all I had was a canon rebel camera and a 50mm lens. The good thing about starting a photography business is you actually don’t have to spend money on anything else besides your own equipment. You can give digital files to clients and save any money you make for new and better equipment. If you have a  business delivering a physical product you don’t have this luxury. It can seem like any money you make is going into buying new product. Don’t let this discourage you. Try and supplement your income with another job or side jobs here and there to keep the dream alive. 

2. People: Occasional you will run into someone that doesn't believe in your dream. They may discourage you by telling you, you aren't good enough or experienced enough to accomplish your dreams. This can be anyone in your life like your partner, family member or friends. The closer you are to these people the more it hurts. Most of the time the person/people are upset with their own insecurities or fears and taking it out on you. I know it can be hard but the best thing to do is keep moving forward, keep your dream alive and prove them wrong. As long as you keep moving forward you will accomplish what you set out to do and most of the time the person/people will come around in time. 

3. Yourself: One of the biggest obstacle standing in your way is yourself. Every time you compare yourself to others, think your work is bad, or out right tell yourself your not good enough, you are doing serious damage to your mental state. We have all been there, Trust me! I look back on my own work all the time and just cringe. I always have to remind myself to look at my old work as a positive example of my growth and how far I have come. The age old saying of “Attitude is Everything” is so true. When you have a positive attitude about yourself you become a better creative and person all together. A little while back I was really feeling discourage with my work and business. I felt like I wasn't making enough money and I blamed that on me being a horrible photographer that no one wanted to work with because I sucked.  One day I had enough of my "Debbie Downer" opinion of myself. I told myself everyday several times a day I was great and worth it. I told myself I was the best photography out there and people should be banging on my door to work with me. In the beginning,  you have to really pump yourself back up LOL, but overtime I noticed that my positive attitude turned into a positive perception of my work and self worth. It really helped me start believing in myself again. I started researching more about different shooting technique and I started taking more online classes to improve my work. I started building my own confidence and when you yourself build your own confident, it’s a lot harder for others to take it away from you. 

We all have our set backs that we have to over come. The best thing to remember is that you are not alone. It’s hard to talk to people about something so important to us like our dreams. The worst thing that can happen is you never try at all. If you never try you will never achieve it. Follow your dreams and see where it takes you. You may surprise yourself.

 I N S P I R E & S U P P O R T

XOXO, Chrissy