I have to say this wedding between these two beautiful ladies was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The love between the two brides and the love between the family and guest was so strong and in powering it was truly amazing to witness. 

Jamie and Kylia both memorized their own vows to each other. As I stood there taking pictures of them exchanging the most beautiful words I have ever heard I began to cry. I felt silly for crying at first but then I turned around and almost everyone of their guest were crying as well. It was so beautiful to watch. 

These two lovely ladies danced with their guest during their reception and ate homemade southern food. Jamie's mother made all the food with some help from friends and family and it was amazing!! The best wedding food to date to sure! 

I hope you all enjoy Jamie and Kylia's beautiful day as much as I did. 

XOXO, Chrissy